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Advisory and Consulting

Our diverse multi-disciplinary team are outcome driven whilst partnering with you to diagnose, strategise,  re-imagine and execute relevant, inclusive and sustainable high performing solutions to to meet your talent, customers and stakeholders needs thereby positively impacting the bottomline.

Outcomes usually focus on improving leadership, communications, high performance, inclusion and resilience.

Our work focuses primarily in Asia across industries and sectors.

Our signature interventions include

1. Creating a sustainable high performing work culture

2. Creating an inclusive work culture across culture, gender and generations.

3. Creating a system to empower Contemporary Leaders to relevant and agile.

4. Creating sustainable work flexibility that makes business sense. 

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The research relating to our science backed certified high performance coaching program validated by University of Santa Barbara and University of Pennsylvania


We embrace a variety of approaches in enabling others - online course, webcasts, memberships, 1:1 or group coaching in person and on digital platforms. This is decided in collaboration with the stakeholders towards the desired outcomes.

Customise or on-demand training relating to 

1. inclusion

2. High Performance. (This is based on the science backed with a high ROI certified high performance coaching program)

3. Resilience

4. Contemporary Leadership in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambitious world. (This training was launched in 2008 with a global energy firm and have since been further refined) 

5. Work flexibility that makes business sense.

Note: Cheryl Liew is one of the few in Asia who is a certified high performance coach.

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Cheryl is an in-demand international speak on digital and in person platforms. Topics that she speaks on includes high performance without burnout, inclusion, contemporary leadership, building a gender balance organisation and women in business.

Contributing to the community HR and Business Community as international speaker including ASTD, HRM Summit (2013, 2015), The Conference Board, Green Is the New Black: Consciousness Festival 2016, Working Mother Media’s Global Women Advancement Conference (2016, 2017) in Hong Kong and Singapore), Global Women Forum (2018, 2019) in Singapore and Paris) and being a subcommittee member of The Singapore Future Economy Study.

A sample of the speaking portfolio

1. Leaders need to value to human spirit of their talent.

2. Managing demographic risks

3. Building a pipeline of female talents

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