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At LifeWorkz, we shape the future of work and the future of Asia by partnering with leaders to create relevant, inclusive and sustainable high performing work cultures that enable people to excel. We do so by focusing intently on the areas of Culture,  Gender and Generations Inclusion and High Performance Practices.

The work of LifeWorkz is based on real-world, Asian-based research, driven by both data and conversations -- conducted through focus groups, surveys and interviews with thousands of leaders, managers and workers.

We serve our clients through strategic advisory and  consulting, research and execution, enabling them to create a sustainable competitive advantage in attracting, engaging and retaining talent.

Cheryl Liew 

  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer of LifeWorkz
  • Strategist to C-suite and Board
  • Winner of Global HR Excellence Award 2010 
  • International Keynote Speaker
  • Author
    • The 24 Hour Woman: How High Achieving Stressed Women Manage It All and Still Find Happiness.
    • Talents Onboard: Making Work-Life Integration Your Competitive Advantage 
    • Co-author of Working Together: Organisational Effectiveness Through Healthy Work-Life Practices – The KK Hospital Story


LifeWorkz is a pioneer in the areas of Contemporary Organisations and Culture, Gender and Generations Inclusion and High Performance.

Long before these issues became buzzwords, LifeWorkz Founder Cheryl Liew eschewed a stable corporate career to pursue her passion and focus on these niche areas which she believed would create inspiring workplaces that enable people to excel.

Inspired by her CEO who encouraged her to a life most excellent, she relished motherhood while pursuing a master's degree and holding down a full-time job. She realised it was possible for women to succeed in the workplace -- if organisations and managers took a contemporary approach to talent management.

In 2004, LifeWorkz was founded with the desire to make this life most excellent a reality for others.

From the start, it began to champion a contemporary approach to talent management, and the team had its work cut out for it. "This was very new at that time. We were literally swimming against the current of prevalent mindsets of what work and workplaces ought to be. It demanded a lot of tenacity and faith," recalls Cheryl.

But as the tide began to shift, and emerging trends began to back up its progressive views, multi-national corporations soon sat up and took notice of the new consultancy with a fresh perspective and a compelling vision of creating inspiring workplaces in Asia.

Today, LifeWorkz is recognised as the Asian authority in the areas of Contemporary Organisations, Culture, Gender and Generations Inclusion and High Performance practices. In 2010, it was awarded Global HR Excellence Award by the World HRD Congress 2010 in Mumbai, India, for Work-Life Leadership. The LifeWorkz team has expanded from a local Singapore office to a team of experienced consultants, trainers and researchers who are spread across Asia and the Pacific, yet held together by their common belief and passion.

Whether working with multi-national corporations in China and India, or consulting with retail brands and government agencies in Singapore, the vision of LifeWorkz remains the same: to enable others to discover a life most excellent.

Founder & CEO Cheryl Liew on what makes LifeWorkz different; why it focuses on such niche areas; and how the LifeWorkz team spread across the Asia-Pacific relates to its clients.


What makes LifeWorkz unique?

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LifeWorkz client Ms Grace Ban, former, Managing Director of Estee Lauder Group of Companies, on why Generational Diversity is such an important strategy in today's workplace

Discover your Leadership Score

and Increase your ability to evolve a relevant, inclusive and sustained high performance culture


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